A very magnetic platform puzzle game


  • Original idea
  • Many different obstacles


  • Basic graphics

Very good

If you think that a platform game can no longer surprise you these days, wait until you play Polarity.

This original 2D platform game has been designed and developer in a similar way to that of other more traditional platform games: horizontal scrolls, different obstacles to overcome and several stages to beat. But the one feature that makes Polarity stand out is the usage of magnetic powers as the main weapon of your character.

This means that in order to complete each level, you need to make use of your suit's magnetic powers, either to stick yourself to certain places or to fly over some other areas thanks to the power of magnetic repulsion. It may look easy, but that's only during the first few levels. As you progress along Polarity, you'll find increasingly challenging obstacles that will put your logic to test.

As for graphics, they're not exactly brilliant – but they do the trick. A somewhat dull, dark background enables you to focus on platforms and your character's movements, which in the end is the most important element in the game.

Polarity is a 2D platform game with basic graphics and a very original idea: using magnetism to move through obstacles and complete each game stage.

Polarity is a 2D platforming/puzzle game based on the concept of magnetic forces.

The goal of the game is to navigate environments and solve puzzles by using your suit's magnetic properties in interesting ways. You can attract to and repel from objects, instantly switch magnetic polarity or even boost the strength of your magnetic field for added abilities.

Polarity was developed by a small team of graduate students in the spring 2007 semester at the Carnegie Mellon's Enterntainment Technology Center.

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